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How To Find An Apartment In Rome

I don’t know if anyone actually finds apartment hunting exciting. Most people, myself included, tend to find it tiresome, stressful and just want to fast forward to the point where they’re moved in and enjoying their new place.

So when it comes to apartment hunting in Rome, it can feel like a really daunting task but, here, at The Rome Story we don’t shy away from hardship so let us be the first to tell you that you can do it!

To break it down, there’s two methods to finding an apartment in Rome, there’s the expensive way and the affordable way. No matter which you decide you’ll still need to know what times of the year are the easiest to find a place. Keep in mind, these are not strict guidelines but Rome can be difficult enough so moving at the right time can help a lot.

August/ early September and January are the periods when the greatest amount of people (a good majority who are students) are leaving Rome. In August to early September Rome is a ghost town, with the majority of Romans away on vacation and the students gone back home. In January it’s the beginning of the year, people are finding new jobs that may cause them to relocate so a lot of apartments and rooms will open up as well.

Now on to the actual ‘how’…

The Expensive Way

If you just don’t want to deal with finding an apartment on your own, the simplest and easiest option is to work with a broker. As in any other country, they’ll pull the best apartments for you and then charge you a fee, which usually amounts to one month’s rent, once you’ve selected your new home.

The Affordable Way

This is the grittiest method of finding a place to live here in Rome, doing it yourself. You know how we’ve said that Italian is essential here? Well, this is one area where it will come in handy, especially if you don’t want people taking advantage of you.

First, if you’re lucky, you may already have some friends in Italy who can help you find a place. If you do, use them! This is not a time to give in to pride, or to avoid being a burden. If you’re Italian is not excellent, you’ll need the help. Plus, your friends can introduce you to a friend of a friend (you know, Italian style) who’s looking for a roommate or knows of an empty apartment.

If you don’t have a friend connection or Italian style isn’t working in your favor, the next best option is to look online. Sites like Easy Stanza, Porta Portese, or Idealista are good options.

Usually these sites will provide you with the option to pay a fee so you can directly contact the landlords of the apartments you’re interested in. Do it! you don’t want to waste time sending emails or messages on the site, guaranteed no one will answer you.

After that, you need to message as many people as you can. For some reason, no one really takes great photos of the apartments so if you think a place doesn’t look half bad, message the owner and take a look in person. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, if that don’t work, try posting in a Facebook group like Expats Living in Rome. People are constantly looking for roommates or renting out full apartments, you just have to keep an eye out!

Within enough time you’ll find a place you love!

Some extra tips to prepare you:

  • Most landlords will ask for a deposit this can be anything from 1-2 months on top of first month’s rent

  • You may be required to provide a codice fiscale if your landlord chooses to have you sign an official contract. No worries, if you don’t have one we tell you how to get it here.

  • If you’re lucky, you’ll get the coveted landlord who doesn’t want a deposit or contract and none of these tips will apply


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