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Million Dollar Pizza

No, we don’t know of any pizza’s that cost one million dollars BUT we do know of pizza spots that’ll have you feeling like a million bucks once you’ve taken your first bite.

First, I assume you already know that pizza in Italy is serious business. Every region has their own spin on how they approach this food staple and there are almost no rules when it comes to the types of toppings and creations you can find. I say almost because pineapple pizza is a BIG no no over here. Seriously, expect to be met with faces of horror and disgust when you mention it.

You should also be aware that pizza in Italy or even in Rome is not like pizza back at home. If you’re in a restaurant and you order a pizza, be prepared to get handed an individual sized pizza that’s slightly larger than your head. Yes, you will be expected to eat it all, since Italians become quite concerned that the food was not to your liking if there’s even one bite left on the plate. However, if you are truly stuffed just be sure to say “Era buonissimo ma sono pieno!”.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to just grab a quick slice, there’s a pizza for that too. Just head into a small pizzeria where the pizza looks like extra long rectangles. Pick the style you like and go about your business.

Another tip, a plain cheese pizza in Italy is a pizza Margherita, a 4 cheese pizza does not include a tomato sauce, and pepperoni is simply a pizza diavola.

Now that’s out of the way, it’s also important to remember that as a tourist the best pizza in Rome will be hidden from you. You cannot expect to eat a ‘million dollar, I gotta thank my mama for giving me life’ style pizza 5 minutes away from any major attraction in Rome. Think of this city as if it’s filled with treasure and you have to hunt to find the gold.

This is why it’s so important to get lost in this city so you can stumble upon the pizzeria, fumble around with your limited Italian or use silly hand gestures to communicate that you’re hungry. Then grab a table and eat the best meal in Rome.

Of course, our goal here is to always help you out so if you’re want an incredible pizza here’s two very local but extremely delicious options for you to try.

I Butteri

Piazza Regina Margherita, 28, 00198 Roma RM

This gem is largely known for its Tuscany style steaks but you can get an incredible pizza for one here as well.

We suggest the pizza Margherita con bufala.

Pizzeria Magnifica

Via Ugo de Carolis, 72 / D, 00136 Rome RM

This pizzeria is only for those who are willing to trek out into parts of Rome where they most definitely will not find another tourist. This spot is truly for Romans and quite frankly I feel terrible for even sharing this on the internet.

The topping choices here are endless so any choice is a good one.

P.S. They only open in the evening so stop by here when you’re feeling like having a pizza for dinner.


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