Rise of Romulus - The Genesis of Rome -Aftermath

Arch of Titus on the Transition of Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Romulus and Remus were found and cared for by a shepherd named #Faustulus and his wife Acca Larentia after the she wolf has raised them to a certain age.They were adopted and raised and started to be shepherds themselves and one day herding their sheeps they met Shepards of King #Amulius. A fight started and Remus was taken in custody by those Shepards, then was taken before King Amulius.Romulus gathered some local Shepard friends to join him in a rescue party. Rescuing his brother worked out and in the attempt King Amulius was killed.The citizens offered the twins the crown but instead of taking it they rejected it and reestablished their Grandfather's (Numitor's) rule.

"They left #AlbaLonga seeking to found their own city, and each set out to find the best locale. The brothers quarrelled over the location of the foundation of their new city; #Romulus wished to start the city on the #PalatineHill, while Remus wished to found it on the Aventine Hill. In order to settle their disagreement, they agreed to consult augury; augury is a type of prophecy in which birds are examined and observed to determine what actions or persons the gods favour. Each brother prepared a sacred space on their respective hills and began to watch for birds. #Remus claimed to have seen six birds, while Romulus said he saw twelve birds. Romulus asserted that he was the clear winner by six birds, but Remus argued that since he saw his six birds first, he had won. The brothers remained at a standstill and continued to quarrel until Romulus began to dig trenches and build walls around his hill: the Palatine Hill", Brittany Garcia for ancient.eu

Apparently Remus made fun out of the work of Romulus and leaped over the wall of Romulus, humiliating his brother. In his anger Romulus kills Remus and thats why the city is now called Rome not Rem.

Romulus named his city #Roma after himself. Following the foundation of his city, Romulus instated a government system which implemented senators and #patricians. As the popularity of his city and government system grew, so did the population. Rome's initial population was supplied by fugitives, exiles, run away slaves, and criminals and other cast offs. Due to the inflation of the male population, Rome was unable to produce any generations of their own. As a result of the low ratio of women to men, the newly #Roman men decided to abduct women from a neighbouring city. They invited the Sabines and Latins to a festival of Cronus at the #CircusMaximus, and while the men of these cities were distracted, the #Roman men carried off their women into #Rome. Many of these women were persuaded to marry; however, in response to this rape or abduction of women, the #Sabine and Latin men went to war against Rome. Romulus was the definitive winner of this war and his victory was Rome's first #triumph,Brittany Garcia for ancient.eu. For more History follow the link or see next post !


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