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Roman Nightlife Part 1: Speakeasies Anyone?

This may be for those with more specific tastes but so far I haven’t met anyone whose had a problem with going to a speakeasy, unless it was truly awful. Which, if you’re a regular here than you already know that I would never steer you in the wrong direction.

My job is to show you the very best of Rome, and so help me I’m going to do it!

Of course there’s two ways to experience Rome. The first during the daytime when you’re doing the tourist thing, hitting up all of the main attractions and of course making sure to lose yourself in the process. ‘Cause that’s the best way to discover things in this ancient city.

Second, is to experience the nightlife here! Check out where to enjoy a fantastic aperitivo (which is basically Italian happy hour), the best bars in town, and of course where to get moving if dancing in a disco is more of your style.

However, I can’t give you the full rundown of Rome’s nightlife in just one post. So, let’s start with the basics. I am not sharing these in any particular order so please remember this is a judgement free zone!

First, you need to understand that Italians begin their nightlife late. Luckily for me, I came over here from New York, so heading out at 12 or 1am to start the night is nothing new. I understand that’s not the case for everyone so please understand that if you decide to go out to a speakeasy or even a regal bar at 10, it most definitely will not be at the most “hype” at that time. You’ll need to wait a few more hours for the atmosphere to really change. On the other hand, if avoiding the crowds is more your speed, then get your butt out there early.

You’ll be able to grab a nice cozy spot and if you change your mind and stay late you won’t have to worry about standing all night cause you already snagged the best seat in the house.

Now back to the good stuff. Where do you actually go once you’re ready to sip some vino at

night? Here are the top 3 Speakeasies in Rome.

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

Vicolo Cellini, 30, 00186 Roma RM

To gain entry into this gem you’re going to need a reservation and a password. Named after “the father of American mixology himself”, Jerry Thomas also takes its style cues from the era in which he lived. Once you enter You’ll immediately be transported into the 1930’s. Yes, that also includes a fancy mustache.


00186, Via dei Cappellari, 93, 00186 Roma RM

Once you’ve made your way down the spiral staircase, similar to Jerry Thomas, you’ll step right into another era of the past. Only this time it’s the 1920’s in Paris. Grab a cozy spot on the Victorian style furniture and relax for the night.

Just a heads up, for entry into this spot you’ll need to pay €10 for the membership card. The card should last you a year, so you won’t have to renew for awhile.

The Race Club

Via Labicana, 52, 00184 Roma RM

Pulling away from the 20’s and 30’s, this speakeasy has still made sure to include a theme. Once you step through the doors, you’ll enter into a makeshift mechanic shop filled with vintage cars, bikes, basically anything with a motor. They also take the time to make the cocktails here a bit more interesting by including ingredients like candy, to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

Same deal as Argot, you’ll need to get a membership card for entry. This one will only set you back €5.


+39 389 447 47 80





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