The Vespa: A Hollywood Icon

Sophia Loren is not the only Italian movie star with curves. In fact, we think that the Vespa may beat what was created by mother nature herself. With over 50 iterations created during the past seventy years the vespa has shape, style and is totally glam.

However, it isn’t just the Vespa’s incredible design that has contributed to it’s major success and icon status.

The scooter first found it’s way into the hearts and minds of the public after bursting onto the Hollywood scene, in films like Roman Holiday. Cue images of Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant having a blast in Rome looking care free and in love! (If only, life was like the movies.) From this breakout role, the Vespa quickly became the definition of freedom, social status and “la dolce vita”, which eventually led to it’s appearance in later films like Ciaro Diaro, and even Zoolander, because of course models (real and fake alike) ride Vespas.

In movies the Vespa was a fun and cool companion shuttling its protagonists within their own universe of love, adventure, and hilarity. It has acted as the travel companion of movie stars on at least one thousand film sets from #Hollywood, Bollywood and European cinema since the mid-1950's, making it difficult to gain an exact census on how many appearances it has made. You can't even find an exact number if you visit the Vespa museum.

Photo by Firdaus Roslan Vespa Design

Off-screen, movie stars have been spotted in the pages of magazines and local tabloids, riding their own Vespas while enjoying vacation in foreign land, grabbing lunch in their hometowns, or doing whatever things uber celebrities with crazy amounts of money do.

Even major Hollywood names like Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress, #GeraldineChaplin, #JoanCollins, Jayne Mansfield, Virna Lisi, Milla Jovovich, #MarcelloMastroianni, #CharltonHeston, #JohnWayne, #HenryFonda, #GaryCooper, #AnthonyPerkins, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Nanni Moretti, #Sting, Natalie Wood, #BrigitteBardot, Paul Newman, #AntonioBanderas, Matt Damon, Gérard Depardieu, Jude Law, Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson and #NicoleKidman and have all been seen riding the famous scooter. *

The real testament to the Vespa's history and popularity, is that it's become synonymous with the word scooter. Really, do people even say scooter anymore? Anyway, to really understand it’s full impact in the film and in culture, you've got to go the main keep of Vespa knowledge, the #Piaggio Museum. Here you can learn from the makers themselves, about all things Vespa. Who rode them? Which movies has it appeared in that you may not have noticed? Why is your mom suddenly so interested in meeting a man in Italy and renting a Vespa? All jokes aside, it's a excellent stop to make while you're in Rome.

*Source: #Vespa and the Movies an Immortal Love story. Retrieved 13, 12, 2018, from www. wide.piaggiogroup. com.


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