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Travel Bloggers & Travel Guides: Is there a difference anymore?

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

If you’re on social media then you know that hands down we are living in an age where travel influencers and bloggers are some of the go to sources when you’re searching for places to travel. Whether, it be in Europe, Asia, or even Africa there are people who have made it their living to share their experiences and recommendations with their audience.

Now to be clear, we are not knocking the role of a blogger. Shoot, we know a few bloggers that we love and follow that we recommend you check out as well (see the end of this post). Bloggers give amazing insight into a place that really feels like it’s coming from a friend. It’s why influencer marketing is so popular. Of course, you’ll trust their word if you’ve been following them for months or even years and have seen their journey. You feel as if you can trust what they say is a good place to see or eat.

However, as much as a blogger can give you that best friend co-sign, they can only get you so far. So while the blogger may influence your decision to visit a particular city to visit, it’s the guid who’s going to make that experience beyond what you could expect.

The whole job of a guide is to share the knowledge that they’ve studied years to obtain, about the city they are in, its monuments, the neighborhoods, and the restaurants and markets that you’ll find. They are the ones who can take your experience from, “Huh, I wonder what that building is over there?” to “That’s one of the oldest churches in Rome, it was built on request by a Ceasar as a special meeting point for him and his lover”. Of course this is not a true location, but if it was, you would know because a guide told you. (wink wink)

All jokes aside, a blogger can never truly replace the role of an official guide just because most bloggers have not studied the cities they recommend in the way a travel guide has.

So, when you’re scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or even heading directly to your fave blogger’s homepage and you’ve officially chosen your destination, that’s when the guide comes in. Search for local guides in the cities you want to visit who can truly show you the heart, the depth and the history of the location you’re in.

The greatest part of visiting a new country or a new city is to learn about the real culture. Not where to get the best food or which hotels will give you the most bang for your buck, but to get a greater understanding of the culture, the people, and even of yourself.

Now, not every guide can give you this experience but here, we know a few who make it their mission. (wink wink)

P.S. We did say that we know some awesome bloggers that we recommend you check out, so here are the links to their blogs. Give them a read and see what they’re up to!

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